Animal Cupcake Toppers

Interested in making cute little animal cupcake toppers for your next party? Check out these great zebras, hippos, monkeys and pigs!

The baby shower has an animal theme

I received the pictures below for inspiration for animal cupcake toppers for a baby shower. The cupcakes needed to travel almost 5 hours by bus to New York City and they’d be eaten the next day. I knew I wanted to make something flat, cute and transportable using the photos Diamando sent as inspiration.

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A Birthday at the Movies!

For Boden’s 12th birthday he chose to have a Jumanji: The Next Level party at our local Regal Cinema in Ithaca. As is her custom, his mom sent me the invitation to use as a design base. I love making Boden’s cakes because of this creative element. It is a small tweak from the norm. Instead of getting several pictures of cakes to springboard from, I get to start with a two dimensional inspiration. It is a lot of fun to decide how to make the invitation come to life as cake.

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