A Birthday at the Movies!

For Boden’s 12th birthday he chose to have a Jumanji: The Next Level party at our local Regal Cinema in Ithaca. As is her custom, his mom sent me the invitation to use as a design base. I love making Boden’s cakes because of this creative element. It is a small tweak from the norm. Instead of getting several pictures of cakes to springboard from, I get to start with a two dimensional inspiration. It is a lot of fun to decide how to make the invitation come to life as cake.

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Jennifer & Michael’s Wedding

Last fall I met Jennifer and Michael for a tasting. I loved talking with them about their vision for their wedding cake. They wanted some kind geode style rock topper, moss and most definitely rocks and a waterfall. As we talked we realized we’d be speaking mostly through the language of pictures. Luckily our modern world makes it very easy to combine ideas!

The couple chose some awesome flavors; chocolate and caramel as well as almond with blackberry filling and vanilla bean frosting. They also added some brownie cupcakes and fantastic brown butter Rice Krispie treats to round out their dessert options. I modified the recipe a little bit, adding Butterscotch Schnapps. I think they may be my new favorite thing!

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Sour Cream Chocolate Cupcakes

Sour cream makes baked goods so tender! The texture is similar to my favorite childhood cake; Texas sheet cake. These cupcakes bake beautifully and stay very moist. To intensify the flavor, make sure you use all coffee instead of the blend of coffee and water.

I love this recipe with a peanut butter mousse frosting as in the picture below, but they work well with most any frosting. Another great pairing is mint chocolate cookie frosting.

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