Covering a cake with fondant

I remember when I first started making cakes and I decided I would try to cover a cake in fondant. To say it was a disaster is kind. The result was OK but the process was full of stress and uncertainty. That was also in the days before internet tutorials!!

In the years that have followed I’ve learned to cover cakes well, but I do not love that it does feel like a workout just to get the fondant rolled out. This morning I found myself with a little time on my hands and watched Alan Tetreault’s Global Sugar Art tutorial video. He has some great fondant rolling tips!

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Ballet Cupcake Tutorial

When planning for Alexandra’s upcoming birthday her Mom reached out to ask me about doing either a sleepover cake or a ballet-themed cake. I found several inspiration pictures to send her way and included one lovely image of ballet cupcake dress cupcakes. The slideshow below shows our starting point.

Alexandra chose to use the dancer cake as the model for her cake. I liked this choice: it would be fun! I chose to pull some elements from the cake, but mostly the point of the inspiration was the dancer silhouette.

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How to Make Mermaid Tail Cupcakes

Early this month I received an order for mermaid cupcakes. The party was just 3 days out so I popped into Google Images to look for mermaid cupcake ideas. Turns out there are a lot of mermaid tail cupcakes! The trouble? You need a mermaid tail mold. With the tight timeline, I didn’t even have time to confirm with my customer if she liked the idea of mermaid tails. I found a mold I liked, and then just crossed my fingers, dashed off an email telling her I took the leap and ordered while hoping for the best.

A day later I headed out for a one day ski trip with my husband, hoping to return to my mermaid tail molds on Saturday. On our way home Saturday I called the kids and asked if they had arrived. “A package came, Mom, so I think so.” Whew, I thought. I could stick with plan A. Mermaid tail cupcakes it is! Continue reading