Hazelnut Cake

Hazelnut cake really rivals my all time favorite cake – chocolate peanut butter. I created this recipe by reading about chestnut cake and almond cake in the cake The Cake Bible. Here are a couple of awesome things about this cake.

  1. It bakes totally flat. No need to have levels. When you are constantly temped by leveled cake this is a great thing!
  2. It is super moist and has a strong hazelnut flavor.

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Pistachio Cake

Hershey’s Pistachio Ice-Cream Ingredients

This summer I was on a college visit with my daughter and after a long day of driving we went to a cute little ice-cream place and bought what ended up to be GIANT bowls of ice-cream. My daughter and I both picked pistachio as one of our flavors. As we were eating them she remarked, “I forgot how much I love pistachio ice-cream.” I laughed and said, “you like pistachio flavoring.” That isn’t really the taste of pistachios. I was at the same time experiencing both a regret for ordering the flavor and an annoyance that I kind of liked what was surely a taste provided by flavoring. There are pistachios in the ice-cream but I think that they are the nuts you find in the ice-cream itself, not used as flavoring.

The love of pistachios really took off in the 1930s and the ice-cream was invented by James W. Parkinson of Philadelphia in the 1940s. Pistachio butter cookies, puddings, gelato, ice-cream and more are popular all around. Most cake recipes call for pistachio pudding mix which has added artificial pistachio flavoring. My pistachio cake recipe calls for pistachio paste. I have always happily used Love-n-Bake. While writing this recipe post, I have learned a few things to share with you to help you make your choice for pistachio cake, ice-cream, filling or frosting.

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