Decorating Classes

Are you interested in learning a specific thing about cake decorating? Do you love to make your own cakes but have trouble with the finish work? Or, are you just looking for a fun date night or mother-daughter activity? The image below is from a one on one 2 hour lesson. Anna had a great time making her own disco ball birthday cake for her party!


If you answered yes to any of these questions then a class is perfect for you!

When you fill out the form, let me know what your current skill level is and what you are interested in learning. Some students like to focus on baking, others like to mix both baking and decorating and most a focus on the decorating process. Classes can be individual or with a group of up to 4 people.

Lessons are approximately 2 hours long. Pricing is below:

  • $35 for 1 person
  • $60 for 2 people
  • $80 for 3 people
  • $100 for 4 people

The class fee includes instruction and use of tools in the class. You’ll need to purchase the cake or cookies you would like to decorate. You can also place an order for tools and supplies as part of a birthday present for the student. 

If you are bringing a child or teen and wish to wait during the class I have a lovely outdoor space you may enjoy, and a home gym with an elliptical, bike and other exercise equipment. We also live in a neighborhood that is perfect for walking.

*for students under age 10, a parent must be present, but you do not have to join the class. Should you wish to join us, I’m happy to have your involvement.