How to cover a cake with fondant

I remember when I first started making cakes and I decided I would try to cover a cake in fondant. To say it was a disaster is kind. The result was OK but the process was full of stress and uncertainty. That was also in the days before internet tutorials!!

In the years that have followed I’ve learned to cover cakes well, but I do not love that it does feel like a workout just to get the fondant rolled out. This morning I found myself with a little time on my hands and watched Alan Tetreault’s Global Sugar Art tutorial video. He has some great fondant rolling tips!

  • Make sure to use a small amount of powdered sugar or a mix of cornstarch and sugar. He explains why in his video.
  • He doesn’t recommend shortening. I have tried that before and I definitely agree!
  • He recommends having your cake on top of the same size board with no edge underneath. This means either a turntable with a small top choice OR using a large can that you can sit the cake on (of course then you don’t have the turning option).
  • As you get going with rolling, push with a smaller rolling pin from the center out, then switch back to the large roller and do the same thing. This makes the process much less of a back and shoulder workout.
  • Have two fondant smoothers. This allows you to hold the cake on one side with the smoother and actively smooth on the other side.

Watch the video to see his tips in action.

See some of my favorite fondant covered cakes.

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