Gambling Cakes

A friend mentioned that she was traveling to Las Vegas over the December holiday season. I immediately thought about gambling!! I have never been to Vegas with the exception of one ground stop at the Vegas airport many years ago, but I have had the opportunity to make a few cakes involving the gambling theme.

Interested in making your own? Here are some ideas!

There are so many occasions for a gambling cake! One of my favorites was for a 21st birthday!! We used hand made fondant playing cards and said; 21: Always a Winner! This was one of my early cakes and I remember hand creating the king using edible markers. It was challenging and a lot of fun to get the detail just right! This particular cake tastes as good as it looks. It is a banana cake filled with banana cream mousse and finished with a Godiva chocolate liquor Italian meringue frosting.

Make your cards

To make your playing cards, grab a set of cards and use them as reference!! Edible markers are great tools for creating realistic looking fondant images. I always like to buy a full color set but then also a second set of just black edible markers! It seems like I use black more than any other color. Take your time and hand copy the cards.

If you own an edible image printer or have the lead time to order a print, you can also have the cards printed on edible paper. This method has the advantage of being totally perfect and ultra realistic. Another alternative – stick with ace and number cards and you don’t have to do the detail work required for the face cards.

Why not include some fondant dice?

Check out this tutorial to make fondant dice!!

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