Making a Paintball Cake

Making a cake to fit a theme is a lot of fun! In this post I’ll show you how I made Boden’s birthday cake to fit his paintball-themed party.

Invitation as inspiration

Every year I receive the invitation in the mail and that is my design guide. I really enjoy this opportunity to create my own cake following a color scheme, invitation and design style. For this party I chose to use the colors and the watercolor style for the letters. I recently purchased some fun new letter cutters so this was my opportunity to work with them!

Boden’s party was taking place at Ithaca Paintball! I could imagine all the 10 and 11 year-olds running around with their paintball guns. As luck would have it, Leslie wanted to have two flavors of cake. This created an opportunity to make two cakes for the party. I could pull in the dripping paint on the smaller cake and use the general theme of the watercolor on the larger cake. I also pulled the paint splats in on the cookie party favors.


I baked, filled and frosted the cakes. Then,  I created a perfect white canvas by covering the fully frosted cakes with a layer of white fondant. To make the main cake I used my new letters. They are really fun to work with. They are self plunging and the only challenge is that they are in a line so you frequently have to cut out letters you don’t need. With the watercolor approach this added a lot of rolling and re-rolling, but it was fun to play with them. I like the script style of the cut out letters. I hand cut paint blobs to lay in different spots on the cake. For the target I used concentric circle cutters, taking care to create a little space between each circle. I finished the theme with fondant paint balls around the bottom. This is a place I could have used gum balls for their shiny exterior, but because I wanted the marbling for some of them I worked with fondant instead.

For the smaller cake, I used my large number cutters and then formed yellow drips on the top of the 11. A bottom rim of fondant paint balls finished off the accent cake.


For the paintball cookies I decided to work with a flower cutter. After cutting out the perfectly symmetrical flowers, I rolled them out a little more, stretching them to make a nice paint blob canvas for the cookie.

I selected two colors from the invitation and frosted inside the exterior to create slightly different looking blobs of paint. Each cookie was finished with a child’s name as a favor for attending the party. I put them in little bags that had handles so that the kids could grab them and take them along easily after the party.

Whatever your party need, starting with the invitation as inspiration can be a fun way to design a cake, cupcakes or other treats for the gathering!

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