About Emoticakes

I’m Amy Dawson, the sole proprietor of Emoticakes. I started making cakes as a creative outlet when my children were very young. Six years later I continue to enjoy the creative opportunity, and love all the connections I’ve made with my customers!

I make cakes for any occasion – anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or simply enjoying in and around Trumansburg and Ithaca, NY.

I have had a passion for baking since I was a child. From early experiments in my easy-bake oven to helping my mother bake as a young girl, to disastrous baking creations during my teen years, my passion for baking has been constant.

I am very grateful to my Mom for sharing her love of baking with me, and allowing me to experiment in her kitchen for so many years.

If you’ve sampled my cakes, you know my philosophy is to create confections that are both beautiful and delicious.  I hope you find this site useful: to help you find the perfect cake for a special occasion, or as a source of inspiration for your own baking adventures.

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