Animal Cupcake Toppers

Interested in making cute little animal cupcake toppers for your next party? Check out these great zebras, hippos, monkeys and pigs!

The baby shower has an animal theme

I received the pictures below for inspiration for animal cupcake toppers for a baby shower. The cupcakes needed to travel almost 5 hours by bus to New York City and they’d be eaten the next day. I knew I wanted to make something flat, cute and transportable using the photos Diamando sent as inspiration.

I went with the flat ones

I loved the flat toppers, but now it was time for me to see if I could make them. Sometimes it is tricky to deconstruct the inspiration pictures and also there’s always a hope that I can put my own spin on things. Some things are true copies, but most end up being just a bit different in the end.

The image below shows how each animal went from start to finish, showing some of the steps.

Below the picture are some tips and tricks to make your own animal cupcake toppers.

Tips and tricks for making animal cupcake toppers

  1. A cookie cutter is your friend when you are making flat toppers. Pull out a bunch of little shapes and you’ll find that circles, ovals, hearts and sometimes even diamond shapes can be used.
  2. Ravioli cutters work well for making strips. For the teeth of the hippo I made very small strips of white gum paste and then cut them to make teeth.
  3. Edible markers are helpful for adding adornment.
  4. Pre-made google eyes are awesome. Sometimes I make my own, but many times I opt to use the pre-packaged containers because they are perfectly uniform in size.
  5. If you are making multiple toppers at a time like I did with the hippos, cover the portions that you make with plastic wrap as you are doing the next step. This keeps the fondant fresh and able to accept another layer. For everything but the hippo, I worked on just a few at a time.

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