Halloween Unicorn Cake Class

Cake classes are a super fun part of what I do with cake decorating. One of my favorite things to do is to teach a crew of kids how to make something that they are really excited about. This group came to me hoping to make a Halloween unicorn cake. This class was for Alyse and her crew of friends for Alyse’s birthday. She chose to celebrate with a cake class followed by sleepover birthday party!

A few weeks before the class, her mom sent me a picture of the cake Alyse had picked out. A Halloween unicorn cake!! Her horn was covered with a halloween witch hat, and it pulled in popular Halloween colors; purple, orange, and black all against a green background.

I was excited to teach the girls to make a Halloween unicorn cake and prepared for this decorating class by making the cake (Alyse chose marble) and the buttercream. When they arrived we’d start with the hat and then learn the basics of leveling, crumb coating and final frosting. One of the most fun things with 9 year olds is their eagerness to try everything out. They weren’t scared to do anything, and they just soaked up everything they learned.

Setting expectations

When I first started baking, a friend explained to me that other people don’t see the cakes the way I do. When you make something you see all the flaws and feel all the frustration from trying something that may not have worked out as perfectly as you intended. For the most part I can see that she is right. We tend to look at things other people do and think they are perfect, but when we create something ourselves we can see all the little problems.

I talked to the girls about the picture they were working from. “Our cake will be ours,” I said. “This is our guide, but what we make will be what we create. It may look a lot like the model and it might be totally unique.” I explained that in order to let them do each step we’d have to be ok with it being ours. If we were shooting only to have it look just like the picture, they’d mostly have to watch me make the cake. A class isn’t a lot of fun if you are just watching! They were game to accept our product and have a blast making it.

Alyse is taking a turn putting the final frosting coat onto the Halloween unicorn cake.

Step by step for our Halloween unicorn cake

  • First we created the hat. We worked as a group to make individual rings of black fondant, each one a little smaller than the last one. I loved this part because it allowed us to get to know each other and everyone had a part to play.
  • As that was resting, we took the cake out of the fridge and worked to level it. I used a large serrated knife so this was a “show” part. I explained to the girls that they should let their adult handle the knife for this. The girls spread the frosting on the layers of cake and crumb coated their cake. Then we put the cake in the freezer to chill.
  • Next we colored our frosting. This was a lot of fun! We had to make 3 colors, so we all took turns adding one drop of food coloring and mixing. This allowed us to talk more, and watch just how many drops of color it takes to make the vibrant hues we were seeking.
  • Soon it was time to final coat the cake. This part is challenging to teach and to learn. You really only get great at frosting cake by frosting a lot of cake!! Each girl got a chance to take a turn and they shared really well!! They decided to let me clean things up only slightly, so most of what you see is their frosting work.
  • When our final coat was complete the girls went to work making the eyes as they worked one at a time with me to pipe on the rosettes for the unicorn’s hair. It was nice for each girl to add embellishment to the Halloween unicorn cake independently.

Everyone got an opportunity to pipe on the flowers for the unicorn mane.

Here is our final cake! The girls made the eyes and hat and did all the piping, crumb coating and final frosting for the Halloween unicorn cake.

Here they are after the class enjoying a few minutes with our pet rabbit, Snowball.

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