How to make a climbing wall cake

Climbing wall cake reprise. I made a cake like this years ago, and last winter I had the opportunity to create another one. This time I had the experience from creating it once before so I’m writing this post to include some more pictures of the process. Also, the person who ordered it kindly sent me pictures of the cut cake. This mix of a chocolate and vanilla cake looks really cool inside!

Baking the cake

I baked several 8″ cakes to form the base for the mountain. Once baked, I split and filled them to create a really tall mountain! This was then carved and the carved pieces went on top of the split and filled pieces to make it feel a little more dome-like.

The cake is half chocolate/chocolate and half vanilla/vanilla.

Crumb coated and carved. All ready for fondant.

Another view of the carved “rock” of the mountain climbing cake.

Prepare for fondant

One figure. He’d be body in on the cake, climbing the mountain.

It is really important to chill the cake for a long time before you apply fondant. So, while the cake was chilling I made the figures for the cake.

As the cake neared the end of its time in the fridge I started to mix up the fondant. I used a mix of white, black, and chocolate fondant to get a more rock looking texture. The addition of the chocolate fondant also made it taste really great! Chocolate fondant has a Tootsie Roll taste to it.

White, black and brown fondant for covering the cake.

I added the black and chocolate fondant to a large bit of white fondant.

Fondant is all marbled and ready to roll.

Fondant is partially rolled out. Finish by rolling out to about 1/4 or 1/8 inch thickness to cover your cake.

Covering the climbing wall cake with fondant

Now that the cake is sufficiently chilled (you want it to be solid so that when you drape the fondant over top of it, it doesn’t crush down), remove it from the fridge and cover with your rolled fondant.

The climbing wall cake is now covered with its layer of fondant. Ready to be smoothed and trimmed.

Smoothed fondant. All the excess will be used to make rocks.

The fondant boulders are held in with toothpicks and affixed with royal icing.

There are lots of rocks and boulders from the marbled fondant.

Cutting & serving the climbing wall cake

Alicia needed help with how to serve this giant climbing wall cake. I suggested she split it into two and then serve facedown so slicing would be easier. Here it is shown cut in half with both sides available for the kids. I love how the bottom is vanilla and the top is chocolate. I think the multiple layers make it look really cool.

You can see the face down cake in this image. This allows for easier cutting of slices.

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