Jennifer & Michael’s Wedding

Last fall I met Jennifer and Michael for a tasting. I loved talking with them about their vision for their wedding cake. They wanted some kind geode style rock topper, moss and most definitely rocks and a waterfall. As we talked we realized we’d be speaking mostly through the language of pictures. Luckily our modern world makes it very easy to combine ideas!

The couple chose some awesome flavors; chocolate and caramel as well as almond with blackberry filling and vanilla bean frosting. They also added some brownie cupcakes and fantastic brown butter Rice Krispie treats to round out their dessert options. I modified the recipe a little bit, adding Butterscotch Schnapps. I think they may be my new favorite thing!

They sent me pictures that they liked and shared the aspects that appealed to them from each design. I created a Pinterest Board to store their ideas. They had several cakes they wanted to merge so I worked with them to understand what pieces they wanted from each design.

  • They like the rock and waterfall design from the cake that with the trees. They don’t want any trees though and would like smaller rocks.
  • They like the idea of having the bottom tier be all moss.
  • The middle tier should be all rocks.
  • They want the top tier to be plain blue like sky with a few clouds made from frosting.

One of my favorite things about their cake was their flavor selection! The salted caramel recipe that I used for their chocolate cake with salted caramel filling was a lot of fun to make. It starts with simply sugar being stirred over heat until it caramelizes. It is so much fun to watch! I feel like I’m back in high school Chemistry again. Definitely check out the recipe on Sally’s Baking Addiction. This recipe worked as a great filling for the cake. Almond cake is one of my favorite flavors to bake. For their filling, I used a mix of blackberry jam and fresh crushed blackberries. We chose to integrate a few blackberries into the edges of the cake for decoration. The entire cake was frosted with vanilla bean buttercream. I love scraping vanilla beans. The smell is amazing and the pods of the beans were added to always brewing batch of homemade vanilla.

Cake cutting. Photo by Allison Usavage photography
Photo by Allison Usavage photography

Congratulations to Jennifer and Michael! Thank you for trusting me with your cake vision for your special day. See all the photos from their wedding.

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