Mini Disney Princess Doll Cakes

Mini Disney Princess doll cakesThese mini Disney Princess doll cakes have a fun story. When my daughter was turning 4 she was very into princesses! Scott and I had the opportunity to go to Disney World for a running race that year. While we were there (for 2 days) we missed Xander’s first steps! Of course we spent much of our weekend looking for the perfect birthday present to bring back for Elizabeth, too. I have a mini doll cake pan set that my mother used when she made bridesmaid cakes for my wedding shower. I desperately wanted to use the pan, but didn’t want to buy the little doll picks they sell. When the girls ate the cake, I wanted them to pull out a full doll, AND I reasoned that these little dolls would be Elizabeth’s birthday present too. She would love Belle, Ariel, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty!

Scott and I searched all over Disney, finally finding adorable correctly sized dolls with real hair and removable clothing. This was no easy task!

Making these dolls was fun and easy! These little dolls were some of my very first cakes. I had only started baking cakes a few months prior and was still in major beginner mode. I knew that I didn’t have the patience or desire to work with frosting. It would mean mixing a lot of colors, using a lot of frosting bags and having a really delicate hand. I hadn’t worked with fondant much but decided that I should give that a try. I found a recipe for fondant and made a big batch. Then, I colored all the fondant and wrapped it up.

Baking the cakes was not terribly challenging. The little mini doll pans are all part of one big pan, and between the 4 of them they work out to about one cake. I made a batch of chocolate cake, prepared the pans with flour and shortening so the cake wouldn’t stick, filled the pans and baked them. Later, after they cooled for a long while, I began the decorating process.

Mini Disney Princess doll cakes

I made up the fondant process on the fly. I didn’t think about the taste of the cakes (I barely used any frosting on the cakes before putting the fondant on) or the fact that the I might need to roll the fondant thick enough to not be able to see through it. The girls were lovely, but you could see some spots on the cakes where chocolate cake showed through (vanilla, anyone?) but for the most part they turned out lovely.

mini disney princess doll cakes

The four princesses ready for the party.

Have you made mini doll cakes before? What experiences can you share to help someone else have a successful experience baking for a birthday party?


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