Nancy & Rob’s Wedding

I had the opportunity to bake for a friend’s family wedding this summer (July 7, 2017)! Nancy and Rob live in Colorado and they came to the Finger Lakes region for their wedding because his sister Barb lives in the area. Barb recommended me to them (thanks so much) and I met with them in the late spring of this year.

As is quite customary in today’s wedding world, Rob and Nancy came with Pinterest pictures for me to look at while they tasted cake. It is a lot of fun to look at the different inspiration pictures and use them to hone in on what we’re going to work toward for the wedding.

The Venue

Nancy and Rob’s wedding was at the Barn at Stony Creek in Burdett, NY. I’ve driven right by this venue so many times and never even knew it was there! It is a GORGEOUS location for a wedding. Barb was responsible for all the flower arrangements and she did an amazing job. The pictures below are from her Facebook page.


Nancy and Rob had a few options for cake design. After some searching, we found a large version of the cake that was Nancy’s favorite!! We discussed covering the cake in fondant but ultimately chose buttercream. Nancy really liked the bottom border of the cake, and that was clearly made from fondant, so fondant would be our accent piece.

Inspiration Cakes

From Inspiration to Reality

Nancy and Rob tasted a hazelnut cake with hazelnut filling and coffee buttercream. We chose vanilla buttercream for the wedding because of its neutral color. We mostly used the leftmost cake for inspiration, but we took the flower placement from the middle cake. The cake on the right is completely different from what we chose, but I want to show it to give a nice image of how we can refine a design.

Barb is the flower expert, and Nancy and Rob’s wedding flower of choice was the hydrangea. Unfortunately, this flower doesn’t live long without water, and even with water things can get tricky! You have to make sure to open the ends so that it can absorb that water. Barb and I discussed whether to go with sugar paste flowers or to use artificial flowers. In the end, artificial won out. Barb delivered me flowers and a dress swatch a few days before the wedding. If you are looking for someone to do you wedding flowers in the Finger Lakes area, definitely get in touch with Barb!


Matching the color for this cake was extremely challenging. I needed to match it in the frosting and the fondant. To make the color I used this large collection of air brush colors, luster dusts and regular coloring.

I was so proud of myself when I matched the color swatch for the fondant that I called my husband into the kitchen to marvel at my color! Matching the buttercream to the swatch was a bit easier since I wasn’t kneading the color into it.

The Finished Cake

As is very typical for me, I didn’t take very many pictures while I was actually making and assembling the cake. Nancy and Rob were having enough guests that they wanted to have a 3-tiered cake instead of the two tiers that the cake was modeled after. They were going to place it on the top of a gorgeous wooden pedestal that they’d be decorating to go with the theme of their wedding. I was excited to see how it would all come together when I delivered the cake!

The finished cake at the reception.

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