Wedding cupcakes: A garden of flowers

Kate and John reached out to me late last spring for their upcoming wedding in the Finger Lakes region. They were planning their wedding at Toro Run winery overlooking Cayuga Lake. They would be serving paella, dining under a tent and of course were hoping to enjoy delicious and beautiful cupcakes.

The wedding was small – just a few dozen people, but Kate wanted to have a nice variety of cupcakes for people to enjoy more than one.

We began an email exchange to decide on flavors and design.

The cupcake stand

Kate was describing the type of stand she wanted to me. I wasn’t quite following but knowing the venue for the wedding and the concept of the cupcakes, I thought I had the perfect stand in mind. Years ago, I had a similar request for a wedding. “A rustic stand made from wood.” This person sent a link to a Pinterest page that had lovely pictures but no details for where the stand came from. I searched through places but couldn’t find anything that I would want to own. My client didn’t want to own a stand that cost over $100 but they did want to rent one.

Luckily my father-in-law is a wood worker. I explained what I was looking for and he said he was game to try to make one! We talked about size – it should hold 50 or 60 cupcakes comfortably and also be able to hold a 6″ cake in case the couple wanted to have a cake as part of their display. It should have a rustic look. That pretty much summed it up. He created a perfect stand for that first wedding that has been used many times since then.

My father-in-law’s wedding stand.

These are the pictures that Kate sent me as stand inspiration after we talked about it. A picture was worth 1000 words and I suddenly realized that I already had the perfect display! The one my father-in-law had made would work beautifully!

Inspiration photos

Kate sent me a set of photos that would help us hone in on the direction for the cake. When we first talked and she sent the pictures on the stand, I was thinking we’d go all rustic with the cupcakes, so the floral cupcakes were a surprise to me. We were doing a lot of varieties of cupcakes and a lot of different floral looks. While surprised, I was excited for the opportunity to make such beautiful cupcakes!

What we decided to do

Kate and John were having 5 varieties of cupcake. They decided they’d like to enjoy the following:

  • Carrot cake/cream cheese frosting
  • Spice cake with lemon curd filling and lemon cream cheese
  • Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting
  • Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream
  • Banana cake with cream cheese frosting

Each cupcake flavor would have a different look, making it easy for guests to tell the difference and giving us a flower garden look for the wedding.

There are some incredibly talented and patient cake and cupcake designers in this world. And, the world of food photography isn’t that dissimilar to our world of fashion photography. It is a struggle to copy such perfection that is found online. I felt it was important to convey to Kate what I was able to do for her. I wanted to show her my skill level. As part of the contract, I included our plan for what the flowers would look like, carefully choosing to emulate the flowers I thought would look nicest together and the ones that I felt I could create.

The wedding date arrives

Kate and John’s wedding day arrived and it was SO hot. Their wedding was outdoors under a tent, so I knew I needed to keep our cupcakes cool as long as possible. As soon as they were ready I put them in the fridge and kept them there right until it was time to drive to the venue. Upon arrival, my husband and I set up the stand and got the cupcakes arranged. Luckily, I had arranged with Kate to deliver them right before the guests were due to eat them. As I was leaving I could hear them letting the kids know it was time for cupcakes!

I was really happy with how the display came out – the cupcakes were a lovely mix and really had a garden of flowers feel.

And here is the display of the cupcakes.

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