Why Cakes?

When I was 7, my father was stationed in Grafenwoer, Germany. While there, I read a series of books – the Mr. Men books – that were not yet in America. I was instantly fascinated by all the books, but especially Mr. Mischief. His claim to fame was giving Mr. Greedy a cake made from mud, toothpaste and cotton!

Mister BooksI loved the picture of the cake in the book and was smitten with the idea of baking from the first time I saw it. My loving father ate anything I created in my Easybake oven, whether it was straight from the cute little mixes they sold or something as delicious as crushed up Oreos and water made to look like a cake.

Later, I read Anne of Green Gables and was once again taken with baking.

“Anne Shirley!” she exclaimed, “what on earth did you put into that cake?” “Nothing but what the recipe said, Marilla,” cried Anne with a look of anguish. “Oh, isn’t it all right?” “All right! It’s simply horrible. Mr. Allan, don’t try to eat it. Anne, taste it yourself. What flavoring did you use?”
– Anne of Green Gables, Chapter 21

Anne made almost every mistake you can make … ONCE!

“Oh, Marilla,” sobbed Anne, without looking up, “I’m disgraced forever. I shall never be able to live this down. It will get out–things always do get out in Avonlea. Diana will ask me how my cake turned out and I shall have to tell her the truth. I shall always be pointed at as the girl who flavored a cake with anodyne liniment.”
– Anne of Green Gables, Chapter 21

She was the type of learner that had to make the mistake first. Nobody could share learned wisdom to save her the pain of the mistake. I’m cut from that same cloth, and I take comfort in knowing that at least I’ll never repeat a mistake.

I’m writing this blog to help inspire you.
Perhaps you are already a good baker and just want to learn some decorating tips. Or, maybe you like to buy cakes for parties but know that sometime down the road when you have more time you’ll enjoy trying things out on your own. For others, this might be eye candy – a fun read to see what an independent baker is up to. Wherever you are in your life, I hope that you find it fun and useful and I look forward to sharing my ideas and techniques with you!

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