This section has many of the recipes that I use in baking for Emoticakes. Some of them have videos to show you how to make them and others have step by step pictures. I hope that you enjoy any of my favorite recipes that you try out!

The cake and cupcake section has some basics for quick to mix up treats for a classroom party and the cookies are bar section has all of my favorite cookies! I especially love the gluten free fudge brownies. They bake beautifully as mini cupcakes too. The cherry and raspberry fillings are great for cake, but they are equally delicious as a pancake topping for breakfast.

Are you baking for an event? Try doing a mix of mini cupcakes, small heart shaped linzer cookies and the gluten free brownies. You’ll have a perfect tray with a nice variety for your guests.



Cookies & Bars

Frostings & Fillings

Other Recipes