Peace Sign Cake

Use edible paper, an airbrush and some basic piping and you can make this eye popping peace sign cake!

Makenzie loves the peace sign, making this a perfect birthday cake choice. She loves all colors and especially adores chocolate! This cake is filled with cookies and cream mousse for fabulous flavor.

Ready to make your peace sign cake? This cake is a 9″ round cake, the perfect size for working with edible paper. First, bake your favorite cake. Split and fill the cake with your desired filling. I enjoy having 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling. This means you will split one layer in half and just level the 2nd layer. First, place one of your split layers down on the board, then fill with about 1 cup of filling. Lay your full cake layer down and top with filling. Finish by topping with the last half layer and crumb frosting the cake. Use your favorite frosting to frost the cake and then you are ready to make the peace sign. Make sure to keep the top of the cake frosted in white, but the sides may be any flavor or color you like. We’ll pipe the top color on the cake. Continue reading

Cars Cake

The movie Cars and Cars 2 is very popular with young boys. I’ve made several Lightning McQueen cakes over the years, so I was really excited when Jonathan’s mom wanted a more general Cars cake. It gave me the the opportunity to do something a little bit different.

Are you interested in making your own Cars cake? Start with a design sketch. Your design conveys your ideas to your customer but it is also great for honing down the steps that you’ll need to follow. I was thrilled when Sandy liked my very first idea! She was very forgiving of my rough sketch, somehow trusting that it would look fantastic in frosting. Continue reading

Dance Fever: Disco Ball Cake & Cupcakes

I had the opportunity to make a disco ball cake and cupcakes for a party! This was my first time using a ball pan to make a complete ball. I got to break out the airbrush, work with lots of great sprinkles and use fondant.

This cake was for a 60th birthday party. As part of the party plan, I made cupcakes to serve most of the people. The disco ball was only a small part of the overall cake. To make the cupcake toppers, you’ll need an airbrush, a stencil, circle cutter, and several colors of fondant. For the cupcake toppers, roll out your fondant and cut circles. Then, using a stencil and an airbrush, airbrush onto the circles. Allow to dry until they are hard enough to hold their shape on the cupcakes. I’ve detailed the steps in pictures and in writing below! Continue reading