Make Your Own BB-8 Cake

BB-8 cake

Can you make this BB-8 cake?

As we all know, Pinterest and Google have changed many industries with their image search. I used to design all my cakes without a picture as a starting point. I do this type of design occasionally now, but many of my cake projects start either with a single picture or a collection of pictures to pull different elements from. For this BB-8 cake, my customer sent me an image of the cake she liked from Sweet Shop Cakes.

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Rainbow Cake Topper

rainbow cake topper

Making birthday cakes for kids is always so much fun! This cake started as a plan to be a sprinkle cake (a cake covered fully in rainbow sprinkles) but it soon evolved to include a rainbow cake topper. Even before being adorned with any other accents it is one of my favorites! It is like eating an dish of ice cream from a place that does a fantastic job with their rainbow sprinkles.

Ursula’s mother asked me for some type of cake topper, perhaps a unicorn or a pony or something else pretty? I started to look around on Etsy and quickly found Unicorn Cake Topper for unicorns along with one rainbow. Ursula’s big sister really liked the idea of the rainbow so we ran with that one. I was excited to make this rainbow. Sure, we could have ordered it, but the cake was scheduled for delivery 5 days from the day we made our plan. Plus, Ursula’s Mom thought it would be nice if I put my own artistic spin on the topper. This is one of my favorite things: working with some inspiration but not completely duplicating someone’s work.

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Mickey Mouse Golf Cake

As the golf season winds down (at least here in New York), it feels like a good time to share a summer golf cake memory. This Mickey Mouse Golf Cake is a perfect way to celebrate the Disney enthusiast AND golf lover in your life. While on the last few days of summer vacation in Oregon, I received a text message from a customer who wanted for a Mickey Mouse golf cake. She was so excited that I’d be home in time to make a birthday cake for Lucas, who would be turning 5. He loves chocolate cake, he¬†adores¬†Mickey Mouse and he loves golf!

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