Cornell themed sprinkle cake and Cornell Funfetti vegan cupcakes

Cornell themed sprinkle cake

I admit that I don’t stay on top of cake trends as much as I should. It is because I like to do things that are MY idea instead of copying what is trending on the internet. But, I can usually count on my customers to let me know what the trends are and to ask for one of them!! I learn them when I must for an order. Michelle emailed me telling me that her daughter Maile follows The Flour Shop on Instagram and asked if I could bake her a sprinkle cake for her 20th birthday.

Can you make a sprinkle cake?

Well the answer to that is yes. I have to learn what it is first, but I’m happy to give it a go. My husband is my social media manager and he said, “oh yes that’s when you cut the cake open and sprinkles come out of the cake.” Ok, that sounds fun. Sure thing!!

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