Woodland-Themed Cupcakes

A first birthday is such a special milestone. Payton wanted woodland-themed cupcakes. When her Mom asked for this theme, I didn’t have a solid image in my head. I turned to Google and promptly found some great inspiration!

Carters Treetops collection¬†was my inspiration. I spent a long time looking at adorable nursery collections! I chose a bunny, owl, fox and bear for this cake. After some discussion about cake vs. cupcakes, Payton’s Mom and I decided that cupcakes would be perfect. We chose to use a homemade cupcake stand decorated with some grass for our little forest friend delectables.

To make the stand, I used 3 square cake dummies (6″, 12″, 18″). I also used cardboard circular shapes to serve as separators between the tiers. I covered each cake dummy and then created the tower. Continue reading

Dance Fever: Disco Ball Cake & Cupcakes

I had the opportunity to make a disco ball cake and cupcakes for a party! This was my first time using a ball pan to make a complete ball. I got to break out the airbrush, work with lots of great sprinkles and use fondant.

This cake was for a 60th birthday party. As part of the party plan, I made cupcakes to serve most of the people. The disco ball was only a small part of the overall cake. To make the cupcake toppers, you’ll need an airbrush, a stencil, circle cutter, and several colors of fondant. For the cupcake toppers, roll out your fondant and cut circles. Then, using a stencil and an airbrush, airbrush onto the circles. Allow to dry until they are hard enough to hold their shape on the cupcakes. I’ve detailed the steps in pictures and in writing below! Continue reading