DIY: Edible Graduation Cap

Graduation season brings a lot of cake baking opportunities! It is always fun to add a 3-dimensional element to a graduation cake. Common adornments include diplomas and graduation caps. This step-by-step post shows you how to make your own edible graduation cap using gum paste, fondant, Rice Krispie treats and a jumbo muffin tin.

Step 1: Make the Cap

For this you’ll need a jumbo muffin tin lined with parchment paper strips and greased. Put your Rice Krispie treat mixture into the cavities. The parchment paper strips make it easy to remove the Rice Krispie treats.

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Finding Dory Cake

Liam’s Turning 5!

I was asked to make a Finding Dory cake for Liam’s 5th birthday. Liam loves the color orange. His favorite characters from the movie are Hank, Destiny, Dory and Ray. His mom said that while he’d have liked to have ALL the characters on the cake, he would choose 4 of his favorites. My challenge: to make a fun cake with these 4 characters!

How to Make Finding Dory Characters

It was time to break out the fondant and have some fun! I found images of each of the characters online and used those as models. To help you make your own Finding Dory characters out of fondant, I include many pictures of the steps I took. I spent the most time taking pictures of Destiny. Of the 4, Destiny was the most fun to make. I think it was the great personality in the wide smile and big eyes! I have some directions below that can help you give this a try for the youngster in your life!

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Rainbow Cake Topper

rainbow cake topper

Making birthday cakes for kids is always so much fun! This cake started as a plan to be a sprinkle cake (a cake covered fully in rainbow sprinkles) but it soon evolved to include a rainbow cake topper. Even before being adorned with any other accents it is one of my favorites! It is like eating an dish of ice cream from a place that does a fantastic job with their rainbow sprinkles.

Ursula’s mother asked me for some type of cake topper, perhaps a unicorn or a pony or something else pretty? I started to look around on Etsy and quickly found Unicorn Cake Topper for unicorns along with one rainbow. Ursula’s big sister really liked the idea of the rainbow so we ran with that one. I was excited to make this rainbow. Sure, we could have ordered it, but the cake was scheduled for delivery 5 days from the day we made our plan. Plus, Ursula’s Mom thought it would be nice if I put my own artistic spin on the topper. This is one of my favorite things: working with some inspiration but not completely duplicating someone’s work.

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