Giant Strawberry Cupcake Cake

The Wilton giant cupcake pan is super cool! This is my 2nd time using it (also the 2nd time I’ve asked my friend Sarah to borrow her pan. Thank you Sarah for letting me use it!!) I don’t typically like working with shaped pans, but again this pan proved to be great fun.

For Juliet’s first birthday her Mom wanted an adorable smash cake to go with her regular cake. Juliet was born during strawberry season, so it was only right that she have a strawberry cake. Continue reading

Giant Smash Cupcake!

Beau's smash outfit

Beau’s 1st Birthday Outift

This week I had the fortunate opportunity to make my first GIANT smash cupcake! It was for a photo shoot for baby boy Beau’s first birthday. Smash cakes (and cupcakes) have been popular for a while, but I this was my first time making one. I was excited! I don’t have a lot of the fun cake pans, so luckily my friend and co-worker is really into cakes and had one I could borrow for this occasion.

Wilton’s giant cupcake pan is great for this. It bakes nicely and holds one full cake recipe. This lucky birthday boy would get to smash the giant cupcake while wearing his adorable first birthday outfit (left). The giant cupcake is finished off with a gum paste number one and rosettes made with a 1M tip. The sides of the giant smash cupcake are finished with a #12 tip.

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After making the cake, my kids were so excited to see it that they asked me to promptly bake one for us! I didn’t oblige, but I know it will be fun to make my Mom’s favorite mini chocolate chip pound cake in it. Sometime soon we’ll be making another!

Giant Smash Cupcake

Have you made a Giant Smash Cupcake before? What advice can you share from your experience?