A Cheshire Cat Cake

The Cheshire Cat

He’s a perennial favorite with kids young and old. That quirky cat in Alice in Wonderland makes everyone smile. Penelope LOVES to read and she adores the Cheshire cat. Just this spring, our local middle school performed Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire cat stole the show. Dressed in an amazing costume with some pretty awesome hair, he captured the hearts of all in the audience. Penelope went to the play and her Mom thought that a cake combining the cat and books would be perfect for her daughter’s 5th birthday. I decided we’d focus on the cat and make a Cheshire cat cake.

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How to Make a Penis Cake

Yes … a penis cake!

Last spring, my friend Katie wrote me because she wanted to make a penis cake for a good friend’s upcoming bachelorette party. At first I thought she wanted to order oneĀ from me and I was both excited and worried since I haven’t made one before. But, Katie just wanted baking advice. She would love some tips, a good recipe and some emotional support through the journey.

Penis on top of the cake or a penis-shaped cake?

This is important to know. Would Katie be doing a 3-dimensional sculpted cake or a 2-dimensional version on top of a cake. Would she be transporting it far (in which case it would need supports if it were on top of a cake) or would it be a short trip? Continue reading

Finding Dory Cake

Liam’s Turning 5!

I was asked to make a Finding Dory cake for Liam’s 5th birthday. Liam loves the color orange. His favorite characters from the movie are Hank, Destiny, Dory and Ray. His mom said that while he’d have liked to have ALL the characters on the cake, he would choose 4 of his favorites. My challenge: to make a fun cake with these 4 characters!

How to Make Finding Dory Characters

It was time to break out the fondant and have some fun! I found images of each of the characters online and used those as models. To help you make your own Finding Dory characters out of fondant, I include many pictures of the steps I took. I spent the most time taking pictures of Destiny. Of the 4, Destiny was the most fun to make. I think it was the great personality in the wide smile and big eyes! I have some directions below that can help you give this a try for the youngster in your life!

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