Eiffel Tower Sweet Sixteen Cake

A sweet sixteen party is such a fun milestone. It is always a wonderful occasion to bake for! The birthday girl had a plan for her party: cupcakes with mini Eiffel towers and a large Eiffel tower to top the cake. Of course we planned to add a little bling, too.

My job? Bake the cake (of course) but also to find the adornments. This is one of the fun parts of cake decorating/designing. I get to look far and wide until I find something that will fit a customer’s price range and make the design come together perfectly! Continue reading

Sweet 16 Tiered Zebra Cake

Sweet 16 birthday parties are always so much fun to bake for! One of my baking highlights was the opportunity to bake a Sweet 16 Tiered Zebra Cake for Autumn.

The cake was inspired by three other cake designs that Autumn’s mother sent to me. It was fun to take what I considered to be the most interesting parts of each cake to arrive at something perfectly customized for Autumn.

Making the Cake

Once you have a nice drawing of your final plan (and hopefully a great image in your head), it is time to bake the cake. I suggest you bake the cake and crumb coat each tier the day before you final frost and tier it. This cake is a 10″, 8″and 6″ combination. Bake each cake, fill, and frost with a crumb coat. Each cake should be on its own cardboard round trimmed to the size of the cake. Store them in the fridge overnight. Continue reading