Making Ruffles

This summer, I was excited to have the opportunity to make ruffles for a tiered birthday cake. I have done some work with ruffling, but usually just one ruffle on the bottom, or something that has a lot of artistic license like a doll’s dress for a cake. For this cake, I’d need 3-4 layers of even ruffles with a slight ombré effect.

The Inspiration Cake

This cake was for a 70th birthday! The birthday honoree loves almond, so her daughters asked for an almond cake with marzipan filling and almond buttercream filling and frosting. I received a picture of a cake for inspiration.

I always feel a mixture of relief and anxiety when someone sends me photos. She added that she wanted the ombre effect for the ruffles and she really wanted to have a gold heart in the center of the middle tier. She also had a very special family cake stand that she hoped we could use. I’d need to assemble the cake and deliver it on this stand.

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Back to the 80s Cake

Alf, Care Bears, Smurfs, Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony and more; they all conjure up images of childhood for anyone who grew up in the 80s!

80s cakeI had the opportunity to make a cake bridging all these things together for a special 30th birthday party! The best part: the top of the cake would be a Rubik’s cube! Who didn’t spend hours of their 80s childhood trying to solve this puzzle?

When Linsday first asked me to make the cake, I wasn’t sure how best to begin. She had some pictures of cakes that she liked and she had a list of what she wanted included on the cake. It was for her husband’s 30th surprise birthday party. In addition to the fun outside, she wanted the cake to have a colorful inside. Continue reading

Sweet 16 Tiered Zebra Cake

Sweet 16 birthday parties are always so much fun to bake for! One of my baking highlights was the opportunity to bake a Sweet 16 Tiered Zebra Cake for Autumn.

The cake was inspired by three other cake designs that Autumn’s mother sent to me. It was fun to take what I considered to be the most interesting parts of each cake to arrive at something perfectly customized for Autumn.

Making the Cake

Once you have a nice drawing of your final plan (and hopefully a great image in your head), it is time to bake the cake. I suggest you bake the cake and crumb coat each tier the day before you final frost and tier it. This cake is a 10″, 8″and 6″ combination. Bake each cake, fill, and frost with a crumb coat. Each cake should be on its own cardboard round trimmed to the size of the cake. Store them in the fridge overnight. Continue reading