The Treman Center: Kristy & Lou

I had the opportunity to bake for Kristy and Lou’s wedding at The Treman Center this summer!! My friend Ashley told them about me, and I met with them in the late spring to talk about what they were hoping to have for their wedding desserts.

The wedding party

Kristy and Lou showed me a picture of their wedding party and I knew I had to write up something about their wedding! They made this super fun picture of all the groomsmen and bridesmaids in their wedding outfits. I love how they let each lady select a dress in a style that worked for them. The muted colors all worked well together and complemented the groomsmen well.

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Make Your Own BB-8 Cake

BB-8 cake

Can you make this BB-8 cake?

As we all know, Pinterest and Google have changed many industries with their image search. I used to design all my cakes without a picture as a starting point. I do this type of design occasionally now, but many of my cake projects start either with a single picture or a collection of pictures to pull different elements from. For this BB-8 cake, my customer sent me an image of the cake she liked from Sweet Shop Cakes.

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A Cheshire Cat Cake

The Cheshire Cat

He’s a perennial favorite with kids young and old. That quirky cat in Alice in Wonderland makes everyone smile. Penelope LOVES to read and she adores the Cheshire cat. Just this spring, our local middle school performed Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire cat stole the show. Dressed in an amazing costume with some pretty awesome hair, he captured the hearts of all in the audience. Penelope went to the play and her Mom thought that a cake combining the cat and books would be perfect for her daughter’s 5th birthday. I decided we’d focus on the cat and make a Cheshire cat cake.

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