Ulysses Philomathic Library Storybake Class

This year marks the second year of the annual Ulysses Philomathic Library Storybake at my local library. Last year, Elizabeth and I both entered the contest and had so much fun! Read about our last year’s entries. The contest asks you to decorate a cake themed for a favorite storybook. Elizabeth and I are sitting the contest out this year and letting Xander have a go. I thought it would be a lot of fun to hold a workshop for people interested in participating in the event. We offered the class at two times, after school and an evening option the same day.

The Storybooks

Choosing a story is the HARDEST part! I started with a huge selection of books that I had to whittle down to two that we’d make cakes from.

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Mr. Greedy Cake & Little Quack Cake

In November, my local library hosted their first ever Storybake contest. The rules were simple: bake and decorate a cake that depicts the main character or theme from a favorite children’s storybook. I had to enter! Mr. Greedy (my baking inspiration) was my choice. My 13 year-old daughter Elizabeth also decided to enter the competition. After perusing her favorite storybooks from her early childhood years, she chose Little Quack. We both drew little diagrams for our cakes. Elizabeth has watched me do this for years, and she knows from my experiences that cakes usually turn out better when I take time to draw them! It was still two weeks until the contest, so we hung them up on the bulletin board until it was time to bake and decorate. Continue reading