Baby Shower Unicorn Cake

I was on my way out of town for a ski weekend when I received this text from a friend:

Hey amy looking to place a cake order. Wondering if you can make a cake like this.

Then she sent this picture. It was a sleeping unicorn. The picture clearly had you using a horn mold, as well as realistic gold – presumably edible – paint. The ears were glittery AND white so I wasn’t so sure if the ears were even edible? Not like anyone is going to actually eat the gumpaste adornments, but it is nice if they could be eaten.

I spent some time searching for horn molds only to discover they ran from $8-15 plus shipping. Did I really need a mold to make a unicorn horn? I thought not. I asked my friend if it was okay if I free-formed the horn and took some liberties and she agreed. It was a plan! I’d be making a unicorn cake for her friend’s baby shower. Continue reading