Jennifer & Michael’s Wedding

Last fall I met Jennifer and Michael for a tasting. I loved talking with them about their vision for their wedding cake. They wanted some kind geode style rock topper, moss and most definitely rocks and a waterfall. As we talked we realized we’d be speaking mostly through the language of pictures. Luckily our modern world makes it very easy to combine ideas!

The couple chose some awesome flavors; chocolate and caramel as well as almond with blackberry filling and vanilla bean frosting. They also added some brownie cupcakes and fantastic brown butter Rice Krispie treats to round out their dessert options. I modified the recipe a little bit, adding Butterscotch Schnapps. I think they may be my new favorite thing!

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The Treman Center: Kristy & Lou

I had the opportunity to bake for Kristy and Lou’s wedding at The Treman Center this summer!! My friend Ashley told them about me, and I met with them in the late spring to talk about what they were hoping to have for their wedding desserts.

The wedding party

Kristy and Lou showed me a picture of their wedding party and I knew I had to write up something about their wedding! They made this super fun picture of all the groomsmen and bridesmaids in their wedding outfits. I love how they let each lady select a dress in a style that worked for them. The muted colors all worked well together and complemented the groomsmen well.

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Susan & Andrew’s Wedding

Susan and Andrew were referred to me by Word of Mouth Catering in Trumansburg. They planned their wedding reception at the Fontainebleau Inn in Alpine, NY and were looking for someone to make an allergen-friendly cake.

I met with them for a tasting and they brought both sets of parents with them. It was one of the sweetest tastings I have ever had, and I so regret not taking a photograph of our time together. They are a delightful couple and they all enjoyed eating and talking about cake!

Susan is allergic to gluten, dairy and soy. They are trying to figure out if they can add food items back into her diet, but we decided to be fully safe with a portion of the cake being “Susan friendly.” That part of the cake would be free of all of those things, plus free of eggs. The other portion of the cake would be a traditional cake. Susan and Andrew also thought it would be nice to have individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies for their guests as a wedding favor. They asked for those to be “Susan friendly” as well, and decided we could have eggs in the cookies. Continue reading