A creative soul, I love to combine two of my passions; art and baking in Emoticakes. As a child, my mother baked all the time, so we always had fresh cakes and cookies in our house.

As a child, I used my Easy-bake oven to bake for my father and when I reached my teen years, of course I practiced baking in my parents’ kitchen.  I made many celebration cakes for my family during my teen years. When my kids were young, I created Emoticakes! The timing was perfect, as my husband and I were developing an interest in all things athletic. Now, I get my baking fix when I bake for others. We’ve become avid runners, and we both write about our races and experiences.  Read more about Scott’s running and my running.

I look forward to baking your next celebration cake, everyday cake, cupcakes or cookies, or teaching you something about baking that you didn’t know before your visit to my site. I bake cakes in and around Ithaca and Trumansburg New York but I am happy to deliver to locations beyond these areas. Ready to order? Visit the order page to order now.

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