A creative soul, I love to combine two of my passions; art and baking in Emoticakes. As a child, my mother baked all the time, so we always had fresh cakes and cookies in our house.

As a child, I used my Easy-bake oven to bake for my father and when I reached my teen years, of course I practiced baking in my parents’ kitchen.  I made many celebration cakes for my family during my teen years. When my kids were young, I created Emoticakes! The timing was perfect, as my husband and I were developing an interest in all things athletic. Now, I get my baking fix when I bake for others. We’ve become avid runners, and we both write about our races and experiences. Read more about Scott’s running and my running.

Let Emoticakes bake your next celebration cake, everyday cake, cupcakes or cookies, or just teach you something about baking that you didn’t know before you visited the site. Emoticakes bakes cakes in and around Ithaca and Trumansburg New York but are happy to deliver to locations beyond these areas. Ready to order? Visit the order page to order now.

The flower design is central to my logo

The bakers

My focus now is on balance between my full-time job teaching middle school math and running Emoticakes part-time. My son is 15 and my daughter is heading off to college in the fall! Both of them work for Emoticakes. I have three employees to share in the baking fun. Read about their interests and baking passions.

Elizabeth has been working for Emoticakes for 2 years now. Her passion is cookies and brownies. Her favorite cookie to bake is white chocolate cashew. She also loves to make custom cake and cupcake toppers. Elizabeth is very detail focused and she has a beautiful ability to take an idea and really run with it.

Violet attended one of my cake decorating classes when she was younger and she has really grown to embrace baking. She bakes a large variety of things and showcases them on her Instagram page; Violet bakes too much. Violet loves to bake everything, but when asked what her favorite thing is she lands on cupcakes because they can be simple or extravagant. She has a keen eye for making gorgeous baked goods.

Xander loves all things food! He is a creative baker, and can be found creating original recipes. Xander is happy to bake anything but he really loves to come up with wild ideas that surprise you.

A view of the prep area
The big commercial sink washing station
Storage, the prep table and the convection oven complete the space